Kingman Airport
& Industrial Park

Greater Kingman Area

The greater Kingman area is made up of eight zip codes that encompass 2133 sq. miles. The area within a 40 minute drive time of the airport and industrial park is considered as: the City of Kingman; New Kingman-Butler; Chloride, Golden Valley, Dolan Springs and Peach Springs.

City of Kingman

Kingman is the county seat of Mohave County. It has always been a center for transportation from its beginnings during the era of wagon trains, a service stop for trains as the rail road was built (currently serviced by Amtrak), or now, a tourist location for those traveling Interstate 40 east-west, or US Highway 93 north-south. The original airport was dedicated by Charles Lindberg as part of the Transcontinental Air Transport system in 1929. The current airport was developed as Kingman Army Air Field, a WWII training facility in 1942 and now it has been improved to accommodate 737 Type aircraft.

New Kingman - Butler

Butler, as it is known locally, is an unincorporated area immediately north of the City of Kingman. The name came from Leroy Butler, the man that originally subdivided the area even though the subdivision was originally named New Kingman. Butler adds substantial area and population to Kingman as the boundaries are indistinguishable.


Mineral resources were found in the area in the 1840’s but the town of Chloride wasn’t officially founded until 1863 and it is now considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited mining town in Arizona. At one time Chloride had a peak population of 5,000 and was the county seat. The community is now a location for tourist activities.

Golden Valley

Golden Valley was named after Golden Valley Development, the real estate company that developed the 2.5 acre parcels that make up this unincorporated community. There is easy access to Interstate 40 and U.S. Route 93 along with Arizona State Route 68 running through the center of Golden Valley.

Dolan Springs

Dolan Springs is located along U.S. Route 93 between Kingman and the Hoover Dam. It is an unincorporated community situated at the base of Mt. Tipton, which is part of the Cerbat Mountains. The community is the gateway to Grand Canyon West with its “Skywalk”.

Peach Springs

Peach Springs is the capital community of the Hualapai Reservation, encompassing about 1 Million acres along 108 miles of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. The Hualapai Tribe operates twelve administrative departments along with a Tribal Court within Peach Springs and is the base of operations for the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation which manages Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk. The community was also the inspiration for the fictional “Radiator Springs” in the animated Pixar movie Cars.