Kingman Airport
& Industrial Park

Arizona Business Incentives

Arizona frequently passes measures during its legislative session to help promote a business-friendly environment. If you’re interested in expanding or relocating your business to the Kingman area, these business tax incentives and other programs are designed with your businesses in mind:

  • Job Training Program
  • Qualified Facility Tax Credit Program
  • Quality Jobs Tax Credit Program
  • Foreign Trade Zone Program
  • Renewable Energy Tax Incentive Program
  • Military Reuse Zone Program
  • R&D Tax Credit Program
  • Data Center Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Angel Investment Tax Credit
  • Arizona Competes Package
    • Starting in 2014, corporate tax rate steadily decrease to 4.9 percent
    • Starting in 2014, Sales Factor ramps up to 100 percent
    • Reduces commercial property taxes by 10 percent

For a complete list of business tax incentives and other programs, descriptions of each and how to qualify, visit the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) site. Kingman Airport Authority, Inc. works closely with the ACA on behalf of businesses wishing to participate in these programs.